Hey guys, Marco here! I have been playing guitar for over 20 years. I changed my music career different times since I started. I played classical guitar for 10 years (from 10 to 21 years old) and finished my degree in classical guitar in 2005.

I then decided I wanted to explore more about music and I spent five years in a school in Rome learning modern guitar. Those five years have been really beneficial! I learned about music theory, chords and how to improvise. When I finished my degree in classical guitar I had a really fluent technique but very little knowledge about chords and music theory. Rome was an awesome experience that really opened up a lot of directions in my playing.

In 2011 after finishing the school in Rome I decided to move to London. I left home and reached the big city with my electric guitar and a lot of dreams. I learned how to speak English (didn’t lost my Italian accent though) and how to jam with other people. I also did different jobs for a while before I was able to go full time with music.

In 2013 I opened my YouTube channel and recorded few videos to promote my private teaching. I got hooked pretty soon with YouTube and decided to post more an more videos. I currently have 100.000 subscribers and over 15.000.000 total views.

in 2017 I decided to go full in with the online teaching. With the online I really love the fact that I can help an insane number of people from all over the world so it is honestly the best decision I’ve even made.

I love to create lessons that people enjoy. I love to write simple melodies and technical exercises that are fun to play so that my students feel motivated. I am constantly trying to come up with a new way to teach you the same old concepts.

So far the journey has been great!

Good thing I am just at the beginning :)

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Ultime news dalla scuola